Sunday, June 01, 2003

Unbaptized Infants on the Border of Hell

Today is the last day of my freedom(or boredom or whatever else you call a state of being in limbo). While writing the last sentence I had a doubt about the exact meaning of the word LIMBO. So I looked it up and this is what came out :

Our use of the word limbo to refer to states of oblivion, confinement, or transition is derived from the theological sense of Limbo as a place where souls remain that cannot enter heaven, for example, unbaptized infants. Limbo in Roman Catholic theology is located on the border of Hell, which explains the name chosen for it. The Latin word limbus, having meanings such as 'an ornamental border to a fringe' and 'a band or girdle', was chosen by Christian theologians of the Middle Ages to denote this border region. English borrowed the word limbus directly, but the form that caught on in English, limbo, first recorded in a work composed around 1378, is from the ablative form of limbus, the form that would be used in expressions such as in limb, 'in Limbo'.

Having enriched my knowledge and vocabulary and after having bored you all let me move on to the reason why my limbodom is coming to an end. Tomorrow I take the first big step of going from boyhood to manhood. No, I am not losing my virginity(that would have been a giant leap not a big step). Tomorrow I enter the world of Dr. Reddy' Lab(drl) and start my summer training. So goodbye my dear television. I don't know when we'll meet again. The DRL people are going to work my arse off(sorry for the profanity but if the immortal bard Shakespeare can use it, so can I). My day will begin at 5:30 in the morning. After having done the usual things in the usual places(you know what I mean) I'll catch drl's bus to travel 24 kms to DRL's Bulk Actives Unit I. After doing my project work(I don't even want to go into the details of that becuase I have no idea what I'll be doing) till six in the evening I'll head back home where good food, my bed and the alarm clock set for 5:30 AM will be waiting for me. The vicious circle goes on.

Look at the bright side of all this(I am still trying to find that side but so far failure). So any one with a few words of wisdom or dumbness drop in a few lines. I'll sign off with these words :

There is eternal providence even in the fall of a sparrow -- Shakespeare in Hamlet.

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