Friday, January 30, 2004

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All good things must come to an end. Saarang 2004, IIT Madras’s annual cultural festival, was not just a good thing but a great thing. It had to end. Last one month has been one long joy ride for me. No classes, no work, just plain fun.

Took a trip to Bangalore, did the scene from the Devil’s Advocate for the last time, fell in love, attended an all night dance party at IIMB, had a near death experience, came back and attended a Bloggers meet, saw Munnabhai MBBS, Love Actually and Kill Bill Vol. 1 (loved all of them), Saarang began, set up a 50 computer network for e-Serve (the main sponsor for Saarang), missed most of the events on first day of Saarang because of e-Serve, offended all the purists and prudes with my elocution piece, sang Jake the Peg for the last time (girls from a certain Bangalore college now call me Jake the Peg), the judge loved the song as well as the singer, attended a workshop on Salsa and Mambo dancing with complete strangers, acted in two prize winning plays, fell in love again, won mono-acting at Saarang, played the role of a casino card dealer in the Reality Show at Saarang, fell in love once again, doing another book launch with my theatre group on the 11th February at the Park (the book is called the Taj and I am giving the voice for Aurangzeb) and now I am off to Bangalore for attending IIMB’s festival Unmaad – in short I have been having a blast and life has never been better.

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