Thursday, November 24, 2005

Chubichawa Podcast 01

I finally took some time out of work and decided to record my very first podcast (audio). If all goes well then I’ll probably be able to make it a weekly show. The wonderful people at the Internet Archive are hosting the podcast. Visit my podcast page here. The audio is available in various formats (I recommend the 64 Kbps MP3 recording – 4.4 Mb). I have used this amazing sound editing software called Audacity (open source, hosted by This first podcast is a potpourri of some stand-up comedy pieces, old song recordings, a reading of one of my short stories and a review of the new Harry Potter film. It’s just over 9 minutes in length.

I had the sniffles the last few days and had a little trouble breathing so my voice wouldn’t be its usual clear resonant self. I suggest listening to the podcast in the privacy of your room or with headphones on. This stuff is not for the faint of heart or for parents and younger siblings. Comments and feedback regarding the format and suggestions for new material are welcome. I suppose it will only get wackier with time. Prudes offended will by now know where to shove their self-righteousness.

The download link


The Breeze Shooter said...

Hi, listened to your podcast just now.. Ummm.. First thing I noticed, you seem to be holding back. Is that because this is a new medium? (I know I'm never completely comfortable talking into an answering machine, maybe this is something similiar? :) ) I liked the editing work you've done, the music you've added in the background works well.

I only know you from your blog, but going by that, I think your podcasting effort will get much much better if you relax a lot more.

Anshumani said...

The medium itself is not completely new to me ... have done tons of stuff like this before ... I was a bit subdued because of a bad cold and a slight fever while recording ... though I'll agree that I was being too polite and politically correct (which I am usually not) :) this was more like a test podcast because I wanted to get comfortable with my sound editing software Audacity

Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy the future podcasts

DEATH said...

anshu , me and hawk were thinking about breeze shooter's comment and we came to the conclusion that your parents were sleeping or something and you did not want to wake them up in the that true?

Anshumani said...

True True ... he he he ... Had to keep my voice and words under check dude ... you know me, this was quite unlike the way I speak