Monday, October 10, 2005

55 Fiction

Here are my humble attempts at 55 Fiction. Read this for details on this art form.


Tom, the Deviant, in Heaven

Voyeur! You are calling me a voyeur. You blinded me for something you have been doing all your life – invading people’s privacy!

Taxes! It wasn’t the taxes.
She likes horses, likes riding them all over the city – naked. Stark naked! She is a freaking nudist. And you punished me. Blighter!


A 6-year-old girl, Emily Kent, darted into traffic in Fort Myers, Florida, to save a turtle and was killed when she was hit by a car on Sunday, officials said.

I was taking a shortcut. The hare had been winning the race for so many years.

I wanted to win just once. I’m sorry Emily.


A Hairy Snail said...

loved the second one.

(but don't quite understand the need for the americanisation.)

the first one was, let's say, scary. interestingly put though.

Anshumani said...

The news item in the second is a true Reuters account ... Came in the Hindu a few months back

First one - he he - always thought Lady Godiva was just after a few kicks when she was riding around naked ... poor Tom

The Wizard of Odd said...


she was. Dumb fuck tom. Shouldve waited till she was in the woods, after sunset, and then gone out with night vision goggles.

Men never think.


tee hee.

teleute said...

a question - would you be interested in having your 55 word story being put up here, with due credit?

Anshumani said...

teleute - I have no problems