Monday, October 17, 2005

Fiction: The Thrill of the Chase

Winning a woman’s heart is like a conquest. Once she has fallen in love with you she is no better than a trophy hanging on a wall above the fireplace – a fond reminder of a successful kill. The thrill of romance is in the chase - approaching her, breaking the ice, getting her to agree for the first date, wining and dining her, slowly making her fall in love with you – that is the chase. Every time she looks into your eyes she sees the future, she sees what she can become because of you. Promises are made, which in the heat of the moment come from the bottom of your heart. You leave no stone unturned in winning her. You make her feel special. Each meeting is an improvement on the previous one. Finally the relationship becomes a series of dates – fantastic but meaningless. Were you just trying to tame a wild beast, trying to prove to yourself that you still got it? You wonder.

The realization slowly sinks in. You don’t love her, never did. You loved what she represented – a big fat kill – a challenge that you accepted and won. You call her. Tell her ‘We have to talk’. You make excuses.

It’s not you, it’s me.
I have fallen out of love.
You deserve someone better.

Your mind is concocting stories, coming up with lies faster than you can think. She just sits there dumbfounded, hardly able to believe what she’s listening. You walk away, leaving her behind in tears. You are oddly relieved, even a little happy. You justify your every action to yourself. It was for the best, you say. But guilt slowly creeps its way into your heart. You need a break. You cut yourself from the rest of the world, immerse yourself completely in work. A month goes by. Your conscience is now clear.

You are out partying with your friends. You spot someone dancing. You like what you see. Her every move is irresistible. Your eyes regain that lost spark. Your friends catch you eying her. They spur you on – go for it dude! They make jibes – she’s out of your league! ‘Want to make a small wager out of it’ you tell your friends.

You walk over to her table. Make a witty remark about the music. She and her friends laugh. You ask her for a dance then make fun of your own dancing abilities. You stumble. She laughs. She helps you out with a few moves. You are a fast learner. Now you show her a couple of your moves. She is amazed. She claps. ‘You tricked me, you are a great dancer.’ You laugh your easy laugh, the one which makes everyone around you comfortable. The two of you keep dancing – your bodies getting closer with every passing minute.

You bring her back to your table. Introduce her to your friends. They salute you – their way of accepting defeat. Her friends also join your group. Everyone seems happy, smiles all around. You are the master of your domain. You are the focus of everyone’s attention. She notices it. She has a twinkle in her eyes. She looks at her friends. Nods, smiles, pinches, winks all indicate –

We love him!
He’s a catch.

She takes your hand in hers. You look at the hands and then you look into her eyes. Both of you smile. When no one is looking you steal a kiss. She is shocked, but feels an exhilaration she has never felt before. She clasps your hand tighter.

You look up. A new group of girls is entering the pub. They look familiar. You knew them once, used to hang out with them. It dawns on you. It’s her. The fat one enters first, followed by the talkative one being badgered by the smartass and then her.

Did someone turn the music off? There is silence everywhere. You look around. Everyone’s lips are moving. You can see a flurry of activity around you - the pitcher of beer falling on the neighbouring table, the waiters running towards it, the girl next to you talking to her friend, her hand still wrapped in yours. But you can’t hear a word. The silence around you is deafening. ‘What is wrong with me?’

You snap out of it. All your senses come back. You excuse yourself – make a joke about going to the little boys’ room. They all laugh. Why do they always laugh at that one? You wonder. You walk out. You see her and her friends being escorted to a table on the other side of the room. They haven’t noticed you.

She is smiling. But it looks forced. She hasn’t been out in a while. Her friends are trying to cheer her up. She is still not over you. She is still not over you? You walk out of the pub, head towards the men’s room and splash some water on your face.

You know what has to be done. You walk out, enter the elevator and push the button for the terrace. There are people all around you. They are dancing to some loud music. You walk over to the parapet wall and sit on it with your feet dangling outwards. You feel the wind in your face. You breathe in. You apologize – apologize for every heart you have ever broken. You close your eyes. You are calm. And then it happens.

Actually a number of things happen simultaneously – 37 to be precise. That particular spot on the parapet wall is actually a worm-hole, a gateway (more like a back door entry) to the rest of the universes. Oh yes! And there are 37 of them. You fall into all these 37 universes at the same time. But the outcome is different in all the cases. Here are some of them:

- You decide to jump. You are smashed to a pulp after falling twelve floors.

- You decide not to jump. As you are about to get off the wall some idiot bumps into you and you are smashed to a pulp after falling twelve floors.

- You walk back to the pub and apologize to the first girl. Then you go back to your table and live happily ever after with the second girl who loves holding your hand.

- You finally come out of the closet.

So what happens to you?


The Wizard of Odd said...




Ruddra, you get the signed first edition wallace stevens and a life's supply of friendship and respect. But then ah... you had that part already.

Well fucking written. Forgive the expletives. I was there, I saw it all-- Ive even been that, except the first guy never walked into the club.

BTW I still maintain that you cannot dance to the extent of getting girls goo-gooed over you. But thats just my stance.

New stories up on storytelling. Come tell me what you think.

The W of O

Anshumani said...

The W of O: Girls going goo-goo over me because of my dance ... he he ... happened once, just once ... probably a freak of nature

Word verification - bizrr .. heh!

Archster said...

i loved ur short stories. Very nicely written.

Anshumani said...

Archster - danke!

- Intercodes said...

You got this short story written elegantly. I fumbled on your blog on looking for something else, and I think I found a blog worth bookmarking. Romantic,funny and sadness concocted into a neat short parable?... anywayz, keep up the good work and next time give a rational advice as to what one should do lest the situation becomes a reality for one. :)

Anshumani said...


Rational advice - the predator eventually gets slaughtered ... leave the game and go back to what you have ... the chase is tiring

The Wizard of Odd said...

well said.
You mature well.
Maternal feeling here.

Am scaring myself.


Anshumani said...

"You mature well" - am I like wine, I'd prefer being vodka or beer :)

I like scaring myself, just yesterday I saw myself as a 137 year old man ... I looked wonderful, but my wife, she looked positively ugly ... muhaha

A Hairy Snail said...

dude - take the compliments while you get them... :D the atured beer wouldn't be bad either.

this writing streak is hilarious!! which world are you living in???

Anshumani said...

Mel - yeah man! need to break this streak ... feel jinxed ... not able to touch any other material ... living in a mad mad world ... cheers

adi said...

you rock, man..!

Anshumani said...

Erik - thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

one question-what does "anshumani" mean? (The word anshumani and not the person anshumani)

Anshumani said...

Anshu means 'rays of the sun' (the name Anshuman means sun) and mani means 'jewel' ... hence Anshumani means a jewel which gives out the rays of the sun ... he he answering the other question (what does Anshumani the person mean?) would have been a tough one ... thanks for not asking that

Who is this by the way? Maybe I should turn off anonymous comments

A Hairy Snail said...

So.. you are a jewel huh? :D

Just dropped by to check whether there was anything new...

Unknown!!! said...

Hello Anshumani Rudra!..remem me... great yar..i heard some of ur writings are being published... seriously proud of u yar!!.." Some time in future when u become famous... i'll tell that 'he' knows me"...